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Hotel Monaco
Washington, DC

John + Joe

In the center of a circle of loved ones, John and Joe tied the knot at the historic Hotel Monaco in the heart of Washington, DC. Guests enjoyed a vibrant cocktail hour, welcomed by a beauty queen in a champagne dress, and snapped photos in front of a rainbow J&J marquee sign representative of gay pride. Engulfed in sophistication, heartwarming stories and speeches kicked off an epic reception. Live performances brought in both a comical and chic nightlife flare! With a lively hora loca, the enchanting rhythms of samba dancers set the stage for a pure delightful, fun close to the incredible wedding day!


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There are so many things that can’t be conveyed in still photography, and our film adds that depth to the memory that makes it that much more special and forever in our minds. From the venue to the moments in between pictures, I saw everything I wanted in terms of how it looked and felt. Our film adds this other dimension that I am so glad we have!

– J & J


John and Joe had their engagement session filmed at the Lincoln Memorial and the Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.

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Vona B Productions presents a Wedding Video at Hotel Monaco in Washington DC.
Vona B Productions presents a Wedding Film at Hotel Monaco in Washington DC.

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